6. Wolf Lady and you may Black Prince (2011 – 2016)

6. Wolf Lady and you may Black Prince (2011 – 2016)

Erika Shinohara anxiously desires to features nearest and dearest during the high-school, therefore she lies from the having a boyfriend so you can complement in the given that women in her own clique are all connected. And work out the lady stories plausible, Erika snaps a photograph of a stranger regarding the roadways and you may says to this lady loved ones that he’s her boyfriend.

Far to her wonder and you can nightmare, the guy turns out to be the most popular man inside their college or university, Kyoya Sata. To avoid the lady lies away from exposure, Erika requires Kyoya to be her imagine date. While they play the role of a couple, Erika finds out that Kyoya isn’t the primary “prince” individuals believes he is – in reality, they are pessimistic, pompous, and you will snarky.

Despite starting out since a great pretend partners and having totally different characters, Erika and you can Kyoya find yourself falling for each and every almost every other and you may to-be a bona-fide few. Along with her, it influence one another in order to mature and you can improve just like the people.

The fresh manga reveals its travel since a couple as a result of their large university decades and you can ultimate adulthood – beating pressures including love rivals, confusion and you can jealousy, and also the conditions that their a lot of time-length relationships will bring.

7. Namaikizakari (2013 – present)

Yuki Machida is actually a second-season high-school college student while the director of your own school’s basketball cluster. She’s an unrequited love for Kido, the fresh new basketball captain. First-season college student Sho Naruse learns that it.

Just after Sho joins brand new basketball people, he always riles Yuki doing get the woman attention. (more…)

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