Hike Coyote Buttes North to the Wave, Kanab, Utah

Coyote Buttes

Our photo galleries will give you an idea of what we’ve found so far. 10 permits for each area are also available to try for at the BLM Visitor Center on Highway 89 in Kanab, Utah. Both the North and South Coyote Buttes are limited to twenty visitors per day. Though we don’t take money upfront for reservations, we do not accept credit cards. We always accept cash and personal checks are fine, if from America. All tours start at the Paria Outpost on Highway 89 and Paria River, thirty minutes from Page, Arizona and forty five minutes from Kanab, Utah. White Pocket is still fairly unknown and most definitely worth the trip.

In the winter, day temps are below 50°F; a jacket is needed.If you win a permit, spend as much time as possible at Coyote Buttes North. There is more to discover than just the Wave. I told them about the walk-in lottery and they won. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our website visitors and clients.

Coyote Buttes South Trail Guide

Only 10 people/permits per date are allowed in advance and the remaining 10 permits will be awarded at the in-person lottery. South Coyotes Buttes/Vermillion Cliffs lottery system did not increase its permit allowance like The Wave, and still only 20 people are allotted to hike each day. We can show you lots of great and lesser known areas in Cottonwood Cove. If you think you’ve seen Cottonwood Cove, you’ll be surprised. A little more hiking required, six or seven miles to see the best.

Coyote Buttes South is located about 40 miles west of Kanab, just south of the Utah border in Arizona. It is part of the larger, 280,000-acre Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, home to some of the most unique and magnificent sandstone formations in the world.

In the area and hoping to obtain a permit in the next few days? Check out the following:

Most women are confined to these long, cylindrical buildings to the south, where they spend their days perfecting various rabbit recipes. But some women ride arks; and they are known south of the rim as gauchettes. It is something that happens to me in these sorts of situations. That monolith rock above that canyon wall, I imagine it held up by four mechanical legs. Although clouds make it disappear, I see it walking in the dim light.

The Wave, permits Coyote Buttes, Buckskin Gulch and Vermilion Cliffs – The Arizona Republic

The Wave, permits Coyote Buttes, Buckskin Gulch and Vermilion Cliffs.

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This day trek has minimal elevation gain but requires some tactful navigating skills to find the wave because there is no trail. The best time to view the wave is midday when the sun is directly overhead https://wave-accounting.net/ this is create dramatic shows of the undulating sandstone. The Wave Route – Walk across the road, to the east, and locate the hikers path. Sign in at the register box and read pertinent information.

Best Months to Visit

We are a thirty minute drive from Page, Arizona and a ten minute drive from Big Water, Utah. We are forty-five minutes from Kanab, Utah, and aa little over two hours from Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. We are located right on the highway and have a big sign out front. Available all year dependent upon weather and especially road conditions. A thirty minute hike to the beginning of the South Coyote Buttes, But can hike five to nine miles, slowly photographing our way through it. We just wanted to thank you so much for this blog post on The Wave.

  • We are ATLiens who explore a new city every year.
  • The walk-in lottery for Coyote Buttes South starts at 10.00 a.m.
  • This is the only spot along the trail that is well signed.
  • House Rock Valley Road is usually accessible with a two-wheel drive car as long as your vehicle has a decent amount of ground clearance, and the road is dry.
  • It is most important to know that permits are issued for 20 people per day, 10 of them online in advance, and 10 during the walk-in lottery the day before the hike.
  • Download the area off Google maps and the hiking trail from an app like All Trails.

However, only ten permits are available for each area per day at the Visitor Center. Permits issued are for the next or coming day. If one does in fact get a spot in the online lottery, do you have to report to the ranger’s station or can you go straight to the trail? The Narrows is an out-and-back through a slot canyon that has a river running through it. This hike is incredibly popular in the summertime when you can do it in a bathing suit. In the winter, you’ll need to rent dry suits and wet socks.


The BLM Kanab Visitor Center is located on Highway 89, 1 mile east of the junction with alternate 89. Stateline Campground – between Arizona and Utah.

Coyote Buttes

The hike out to The Wave can be incredibly frustrating. But once you feast your eyes on this spectacular rock formation, you’ll know for certain that all of the planning and preparing and stress to get here was 100% worth it. It will probably be one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit in your Coyote Buttes life. And you’ll most certainly appreciate the fact that only 64 people can visit per day as you’ll have many moments alone. The BLM office will provide you with a photographic map to help you find your way to The Wave. There is no real “trail” to speak of and trail markers are few and far between.

Hike Buckskin Gulch, Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness

Again, there are no trails so you’ll be walking through deep sand and low brush. It’s slightly uphill hiking from Paw Hole to Cottonwood Cove, but nothing too steep.

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